The Lake Station House


I do not believe in ghosts. These are just stories of unexplained things that happened at the Lake Station House.

I would like to thank my family for reminding me about some of these stories.  I will be forever grateful for having such wonderful loving parents. My family has always been very close. We have had a remarkable life. Now that I’m getting older, I decided that it was time to tell all those stories that we were afraid to tell. Afraid that people would think we were crazy. We were sure that these kinds of things didn’t happen to other “normal” people so we kept them to ourselves.

The rest of this story will be sent to the family and anyone who added their memories. I want to thank everyone who submitted their memories about the lake station house and gave me suggestions for the actually writing. Keep the stories coming….I love them.

If anyone else wants to read them, please contact me.



16 thoughts on “The Lake Station House

  1. I love this, this should be made into a book accompanied by old photos of the family and the house. It would make a great Halloween gift for anyone, but it would be especially cool for us family members to have and to keep for generations to come.

    • Norma

      Hi Julie…

      Yes, I agree with you that Sonia should make her story into a book. And I have before and after photos of the house too. 😉 Are you still working on your book?

      Hey. I wrote on here about what happen to me with the little boy I saw by my bed one night. If you can remember any more of the story please write it here or let me know. I was so scared that night. Maybe you can give your two cents about it..

      Love you,

  2. Diana Case

    I remember the story about Tony. We discussed it many times. I don’t remember specifics about the house but I do remember you telling me of strange thingsd happening. I too, have seen the bright orange light in the sky. It was the summer of 1995. My husband, stepson, and myself were traveling a lonely country road late one summer night and suddenly the whole northwestern part of the sky had a strange orange glow. I too, thought about sunset until I realized the time of night. Because we lived in coal mining country and a mine was close by, I decided there must have been a mining accident. We lived right across the road from a mine and I fully ecpected to see a disaster when I got home. Instead, all was peaceful, yet the sky was still orange. I then decided that it must be some other mine or forest fire. We went to be that night and went to sleep with the light still in the sky. I fully expected there to be all kinds of news stories and media coverage because of the huge disaster that would have to incur to create such a light. However, no such excitement ever happened. From all I can tell we three were the only ones to wittness the light. I finally gave up asking others if they had seen the light. Everyone seemed to think I was crazy!

    Good to hear from you. Sorry it has been so long. Many changes have taken place in my life the last couple of years. I have moved twice. The last time I moved to Hazard, Ky. where I got a job as a customer rep for Bank of America. Love it here! People are wonderful and the surroundings are beautiful, even on a rainy day. Will write more later.
    Love, your firiend,

    • Diane, How are you? Are you still working for BankOfAmerica? My daughter and son-in-law work there.
      I am writing to tell you that I had a stroke and realized that I might die and never see my old friends again. I hope you write back. I miss you.

  3. Norma

    Hi ..

    Hey, reading your story sure brought back memories. I noticed that you mentioned that nothing strange has happened in a while. Well, it has for me. When I was living in the Willowcreek house I was visited by ‘the Cowboy’ a few more times. One time I woke up cause I saw this glow in the hallway going to the bathroom. I had left the bedroom door opened, at least I thought I left it open. The reason I say thought is because I never leave my door open. I always close and lock my bedroom door. But, this night a light woke me and when I looked up I saw a glow and since I didn’t have my eyeglasses on and couldn’t see very well. I thought it was Manuel going to the bathroom and he had turned on the hall light. I didn’t put on my eyeyglasses, but I blinked a few times and since the light was on or so I thought it was the hall light, I noticed a short, thin man leaning against the side of the door wearing a cowboys hat. I couldn’t see his face very well and then I got scared. I screamed and covered my face with my blanket and then felt him on me. I kept screaming and then he was gone. I got up and turned on the light and even though my bedroom door was still open there was no light. I jumped back into bed and left the light on but never fell asleep. That Cowboy I saw at least 2 more times then never saw him again. Actually, he would get into bed with me and hold me down and I almost felt as though I couldn’t breathe. I would fight him and then he was gone. It was so scary that I told Manuel about it and he said he didn’t even hear me scream. He acted as though it was just a bad dream that I had. One day, Manuel and I were outside talking to our neighbor, Louie and out of nowhere he told us of an incident that happened to his wife in their bedroom while she was home alone and he was working. And guess what she saw? Yeah… a man in black standing at the end of her bed. He said she screamed and got scared and then he was gone. Me and Manuel looked at each other in disbelief. To top that off; Manuel was downstairs on the sofa watching TV and he fell asleep. A while later he came upstairs to ask why I didn’t go downstairs cause he was screaming and fighting off this black form (he didn’t say he saw a man) that sort of looked like a man that was on top of him and holding him down. I told him that I never heard him scream. Then I said, ‘Oh so now you believe me when I told you that happened to me, too’. Well, he’s a believer now. I couldn’t believe it when he told me that.. wow… it really scared me then cause now it couldn’t have been a dream. And even though those visits from the Cowboy were scary that incident was not the one that scared me the most.

    I had gone to bed and everything seemed to be fine. Julie was sleeping in her room close to mine. I don’t know how long I had been asleep when I felt something pull at my blanklet and I was so tired that I pulled it back on me without really thinking. Then it happened again or maybe it happened a few times before I jumped up thinking wow.. what if there was a mouse in the house ( I don’t know why I thought that ) and it was on my bed .. but then I thought why would a mouse be pulling my blanklet. By this time I was awake and there was a glow that made me turn my head towards my desk that was in my room … When I did that, I saw this cute, chubby little boy wearing a coat an he had a 1950’s haircut. He was so cute with his blonde hair cut so funny and he was smiling and then he laughed like he was having fun with me. I also noticed a man standing behind him but I couldn’t see his face only his legs. When the little boy laughed I threw the blanket over my face and screamed so loud that Julie told me that she fell off the bed and crawled to my bedroom. She jumped into bed with me and I could not stop shaking. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. She slept with me all night.

    I didn’t see the little boy after that. Actually, after that night nothing strange like that happened again. But, I do think of that little boy often. I wonder who he was!

    So weird how all these things happen and then you go back to your regular life and sort of forget about it. I mean, I didn’t move from the house and I lived there until 4 years ago.. and I don’t ever remember being scared about what happened while I was there for all those other years. What was I thinking.. lol!!!! Like I said .. to this day I sort of missed that little boy. I don’t know why. I think of him.. He was so real. I refuse to think that I dreamed it all. It was too real and he was real. I should look up the history of that house since it was an old house that we rented. For some reason I keep saying I will check into it.. but something doesn’t let me. Fear of finding out something I might not want to know.. I just don’t know. It happened many years ago and I still have not forgotten that little boy but have not checked the history of the house on Willowcreek. Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow.

      • Norma

        Hi Sonia..

        Yeah, I read it but only when you sent it to me in my e-mail. Did she send it to you, cause I don’t see it on this site?

        That little cute boy with the 1950’s haircut I will never forget.
        He scared me half to death, but when I think of him I see that he just wanted to play, that is why he kept pulling my blanket off of me. When he laughed wow.. was I scared. I heard him laugh out loud and it’s something you just don’t forget. If I could draw I would draw him for you. However, I will never forget his face. He was so cute! He looked like a real person. Nothing really scary about him.

  4. Rebecca Ramirez

    Sonia, I agree this should be published. I couldn’t tear myself away. What a welcome respite after doing my 2006-7 back taxes all day. Your sister, Bruny, has at least two simlilar stories. One of her ghosts was a little green man, suspended several inches from the ground. Thank you for sharing this link with me. What great insight into my Indiana family.

    • Norma Guzman Castro

      Hello Rebecca;

      Hey.. have Bruny write to me at and let me know about her stories. Does she have an e-mail address so I can write to her? I write to Reuben but he doesn’t answer back. Maybe I have the wrong e-mail.

  5. meanie robatto

    HI sonia, thanks for sharing your spooky memories. All I can say is thank god nothing happended when we were there I would have freaked. Great hearing from you. take care, all my love

    • Norma

      Hi Meanie,

      Actually, some things happened to me at the Willowcreek house in Portage. It must follow me. lol. I still need to share dreams about people I don’t know anything about. However, the stories came true. I will write about them later.
      Did you read my true story about the little 1950’s boy? I hope never to see anything again. haha. Believe me, it was not funny at the time.

      How are all of you doing?

  6. Amanda

    Wow, I’m so glad I finally got a chance to read all this. I remember you telling me some of these stories. It’s strange how none of the apparitions seemed to cause harm, with the exception of the ‘cowboy’ though those instances seem to beg the question of why a person’s screaming would throw him off…?

    I have never heard that story about baby Tony, and I have chills running down my spine still. I’m not sure why I chose to read these late at night and in pitch blackness while everyone else is asleep…hmmm….maybe I just like being scared, haha. In any case, the story just brings to mind something strange mom told me I did when I was three or four, though the memory is a bit fuzzy. When mom was still fostering me and we had not yet been adopted, I was still called Katie. I had not spoken to anyone except Olivia, and in private, for several months (I don’t recall how long that went on) but one morning, I simply woke up and asked for a glass of water, calling mom ‘Mother’ for the first time. She was overjoyed and in her response, refered to me as Katie. When she called me this I corrected her, saying in all my wide eyed earnestness, “Who is Katie? I’m Amanda.” Thus, here I am, the chatterbox you know and love today.

    Oddly enough, when I was little girl, myself and Heidi saw a similar orangy ball of light in the sky one evening and we followed it through the Imagination Glenn area, as I recall. It was definitely NOT the moon either, because the moon was present as well, and it was much too low hanging to be a run of the mill planet/star/flying vehicle. Of course, and mom can tell you, in this book called The Andreason Affair that recounts the experience of an individual who claims to have had an extra terrestrial encounter, the same UFO is observed. For some ungodly reason, mother actually allowed, nay, encouraged me to read this book when I was nine and I thoroughly freak out all the other third graders when I brought in my book report and accompanying visual aids. Haha, thanks mom!

    I’d be interested in more of the actually history behind some of the locations that you talk about. This is really fascinating stuff. It does make me miss Mita though. It will probably be one of those nights I sleep with one of her moo moos 🙂

    Love you very much!


  7. Norma

    Hi Amanda..

    I had to laugh at what you wrote.. so funny! How nice that you sleep at times with your grandmother’s (Mita) moo moos. 😉 … I miss her a lot too!

    Love you,
    Titi Norma

  8. Karen

    Hi Sonia,

    Very interesting stuff here…. yes they were all wanting to connect somehow…. amazing how things are… I had a girlfriend who was in the Peace Corps years ago in Vietnam when the war was going on there. She had a friend who I had met as well, named Woody. He was tall and slender and older. Unfortunately he had committed suicide. Nonetheless, when everyone was being evacuated from Vietnam my girlfriend Jo was still there and I was very worried. All of a sudden for four nights in a row I would wake up at the same time and there would be this tall whitish lanky figure standing directly in front of my bed. Scared me and I would turn on the light and of course gone! After the 4th night I had enough and went to some friends to try to get a good nights sleep. Same exact thing happened there. On the 5th night before I went to sleep I got a phone call from my friend Jo and she was safe in Hawaii on her way to San Francisco. I never saw the vision again! We figure it was Woody letting me know she was okay.

    Take Care,

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